Mauritanian chapter

Mauritania Chapter Leader : Sidi Biha
Second chapter Leader : Samba Mbaye


The chapter is currently under construction.
The Mauritanian chapter (or "Chapter MR") aims to carry the values ​​and the objectives of the association in Mauritania. It is represented by his "Chapter Leader" approved every year by the "Main chapter" which guarantees the proper development of the chapter, the events' organisation and the daily activities of the chapter.

The chapter is currently under construction. Whether you are an expert in cybersecurity or layman, student, professional or individual, do not hesitate to join the team that carries it : any help is welcome and all skills are necessary (graphic designer, communicator, editor, proofreader, administrative, etc.)

Main projects / Current actions...

As the chapter is being created, no project has been yet activated.


You can discover the activities in which the chapter will participate in the coming days as well as those in which it has participated in the last month in the column « agenda » at the bottom of this page


The membership gives you the ability to benefit from the services proposed by WOCSA, support its actions and help it to partially finance its actions. By marking your commitment, you join an open, civic, disinterested and borderless dynamic.
To join, you just need to:
1.  Complete and sign the online membership form,
2.  Pay the membership fee.

WOCSA membership fees are adapted to each situation and adapted by each chapter. Find the suitable one and point it out on your membership form before making the corresponding payment.
Please note : the subscription is only valid for the current year.

For the moment the chapter price list is still in development.

All WOCSA members, whatever chapter they want to join, must complete and validate their online membership application form from the web page of the corresponding chapter.
Please, complete the correct form by clicking the link above:

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In order to pay the membership fee, you must have first signed up online. If the membership went well, you should have a temporary membership number. This membership number must be communicated with your payment.
For the moment, it is not possible to pay your subscription fee online. To pay by check or bank transfer, please contact us.


If you can not join, you can yet support our actions by making a donation. For the moment, it is not possible to make a donation online. Please, contact us to make a transfer or pay by check.
If you prefer, you can also contribute to certain actions or print some of our supports which will be distributed with your name or logo.
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact / Follow the chapter

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It is characterized by the pooling of resources and by gathering the members of the same region / city in order to promote the development of relevant actions and quality.
It guarantees the proper integration of the association into its environment and participates to its territorial network.
Today, the mauritanian chapter of WOCSA has no representatives except the chapter itself.

Chapter Official Speakers (OS)

As part of our quality approach, only speakers who are accredited and registered on the official list of each chapter of the association can organize and use, during public presentations, the official supports of the association.
Compliance with this rule allows us to guarantee both the quality of the content and the relevance of the speaker.