Official Speakers

As part of our quality approach, only speakers accredited and registered on the association's official list can organize and use, during public presentations, the WOCSA's official supports.
Compliance with this rule allows us to guarantee both the quality of the content and the relevance of the speaker.
After each of our interventions, the participants are invited to give feedback on the content, the logistics and readability of the message delivered (by email or on our dedicated form).
This commitment to transparency and continuous improvement is made by each of our official speakers.
No other speaker (even member of the association) has the right to animate a public presentation using the official WOCSA supports. In such a case, he would be in violation of the association's internal policies.

Official speakers

You will find the list of the WOCSA's official speakers for each chapter on their respective page.
In case of any problem or doubt, please contact us using our form : quality check.