The activities at the heart of WOCSA's existence offer a variety of projects. In concrete terms, these projects can take shape in three different ways:

  1. working and reflection groups which systematically lead to the publication of usable documentation as part of the association's public activities,
  2. regular events (workshops, thematic lunches, etc.) or one-off events or actions (challenge, participation in a show, setting up a partnership, etc.),
  3. Development of a software, a product or a support (technical / pedagogical / communication).

The projects are initiated for a year and are carried by a "project leader".
Each active member can register and participate in the work of one or more groups. If a member wishes to create a new project, he/she has to submit it to the validation committee. The committee will decide whether or not to pre-validate the project as its leader.
If, in a period of two months following its pre validation, more than 4 members have joined the project, it goes into active position and is validated for one year.

Current projects...

You will find the main projects in the page of the chapters which manage or participate in them...